Tremendous Growth in Grades and Self-confidence


Dear Marelize

It is hard to overstate the meaningful contributions that Edublox has made to Omphile and our family in the last three years we have been part of the programme. As a parent, I can say with confidence that the work that was done by Edublox on my daughter has far outreached our expectations.

Your team of dedicated, caring and driven teachers have relaid a solid foundation she missed in her early childhood and rightfully restored her capabilities to a stage where she can confront her schoolwork on her own without our assistance. Her teachers at school have noticed the significant turnaround and are encouraged by the tremendous growth she has shown in both her grades and self-confidence.

Our realisation as parents, has been the profound drive towards her schoolwork, compared to before we joined the programme. She has grown in confidence, and that has made a huge difference in the world around her.

Marelize, you have been amazing throughout this process. I would like to thank you for your sound professional advice, guidance and patience towards our family. Our paths crossed when we were in a desperate need of an adequate intervention. On behalf of my family, allow me to extend our sincere appreciation for your support and kindness.

We will always be grateful to you and Edublox.

Yours sincerely

Edward Khoza
Proud father and supporter of Edublox

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Edward Khoza Omphile's father

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