Edublox Annual Client Survey Results 2022

Edublox has conducted an annual online client survey for more than ten years. The survey enables us to evaluate our company’s success and the efficacy and outcomes of our educational initiatives.

One of the essential things we ask each year is whether parents and teachers have noticed that a learner’s academic performance at school has improved. We ask how clients experience our customer service and whether they recommend Edublox to other parents. Based on the answers we receive, we can make informed decisions that will enhance our ability to serve our customers.

The world slowly returned to a new sense of normal in 2022, but without question, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted all students’ academic performance. With this in mind, we are incredibly proud of the progress we have seen in the last year and the feedback received. We salute each learner for coming prepared to learn throughout tutoring sessions.

We want to thank all the parents who have helped us to help their kids succeed. Finally, we want to express our gratitude to the committed tutors who put in so many gruelling hours of effort.

Another aspect of the study is determining our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to ensure we measure up to industry standards. Using NPS, you may gauge how loyal your customers are and how likely they recommend your goods and services to others. We are delighted with our result, which is 26% higher than the global industry average for education.

The below image shows a brief breakdown of the data compiled from our 40+ franchisees throughout Southern Africa:

* These results reflect the total positive responses with regard to selected questions.

Selected feedback from parents:

“Our daughter battled to read and learn in a mainstream school. After attending Edublox, she can read thick books easily. She is now in a mainstream school and confident in her abilities to learn in a more pressurised/louder environment.”

“When my son started the Edublox EASY programme, he couldn’t recognize sight words and numbers. Within six months, all of that changed. He’s now more willing to voice his opinion on matters, whereas previously, he would shy away from any form of discussion. We’ve seen him blossoming and really coming out of his shell whilst on this programme. He’s super excited about his future, and we can’t wait to see what it holds for him!”

“There has been a huge improvement in my child’s learning ability. He has improved so much that he excelled in all his subjects. We thank Edublox for the role they played for him to achieve his academic excellence.”

“My son has grown, developed and improved remarkably over the past 18 months with Edublox. We are so incredibly grateful. His English marks have improved from a 40 % to a 60%. His reading has improved remarkably, from three years behind to now reading at an entry-level level for his current grade. Thank you to all the incredible teachers.”

“Edublox het n groot verskil gemaak in my seun se lewe. Hy is weer positief oor skool en hy doen werklik goed!”

Our next steps:

Following the survey conducted in December, franchises will now have an opportunity to review their scores achieved and feedback received. They must compare their results with the overall results and adapt accordingly to provide better service levels and improved lessons in 2023.

Edublox is 
an educational method that integrates cognitive training, reading or maths tutoring, and solid learning principles. Edublox assists students in becoming life-long learners and empowers them to realise their highest educational goals. While not a quick fix, Edublox programmes can permanently alleviate the symptoms of learning difficulties and disabilities like dyslexia.

Contact your closest Edublox branch for an assessment and help.

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