Help for Learning Difficulties



Edublox Annual Client Survey Results 2022

Edublox has conducted an annual online client survey for more than ten years. The survey enables us to evaluate our company's success and the efficacy and outcomes of our educational initiatives.

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New Edublox Easy Independent Schools: Renewed Hope to Struggling Learners

Edublox reading, maths and learning services have successfully registered the first three of their outlets as independent primary schools, bringing renewed hope to learners who are struggling with significant reading and learning difficulties.

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Learning Disabilities Clarified: Learning is a Skill

The subject of this discussion, that learning is a skill, is apparently one of those ideas that are generally regarded as self-evident. Most people, however, do not seem to realise the implications involved.

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Help for Children with Learning Difficulties

In modern Western society mastery of basic academic skills — reading, writing and arithmetic — is a necessary prerequisite for success in both school and employment settings and society at large. However, due to learning difficulties, the futures of many children are put in jeopardy.

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Overcoming Learning Failure

Our research has consistently shown that if children do not learn to understand language, to read and write, to calculate and reason mathematically, to solve problems, and to communicate their ideas and perspectives, their opportunities for a fulfilling and rewarding life are seriously compromised.

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Improved School Results Have Spin-off Benefits

At the age of 10, Joshleen Durand from Paarl in the Western Cape is not only defeating dyslexia and dyscalculia but also excelling academically with an overall average of 62.5 percent. Joshleen and other top pupils who received additional reading and learning support after school at Edublox clinics around the country celebrated truly amazing academic progress in 2015...

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Video: My bog Spot

A poem to inspire parents and children who are dealing with learning difficulties ― never give up hope.

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TV Documentary, Mother of All Professions, SABC 2: Overcoming Learning Difficulties

Edublox helps learners READ, LEARN and ACHIEVE. Our multisensory brain-training programmes enable them to overcome reading difficulties and other learning obstacles, assisting them to become life-long learners and empowering them to realize their highest educational goals. View Mother of All Professions’ feature on Edublox.

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Beating the Odds – Learners’ Amazing Academic Improvements

While learning comes easy for some, children with learning difficulties can find the simplest school activities an overwhelming challenge. For those who have overcome the odds despite their difficulties, Edublox introduced their Learner of the Year Awards.

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Learning Disability Specialists Reach Out to Hout Bay Children

The ability to learn is a crucial life skill that many people take for granted as it is such a natural part of daily life. Unfortunately more than 20% of South Africans are faced with learning disabilities.

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