Learning Disabilities Help Cape Town



Inspiring! Twins with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Overcome Learning Difficulties

Lameez Armien, from Goodwood, Cape Town is an immensely proud and loving mother with an incredible story to tell of hope in overcoming major challenges. Her two sons, fostered from three weeks old are identical twins Jeremiah and Joshua....

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Retraining Brains to Deal with Learning Disabilities

IMAGINE going through school unable to read, spell or write properly. You know you are not “stupid” but you just can’t seem to get the work into your head. You could be one of thousands of people who struggle with a learning disability in South Africa.

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Learning Disability Specialists Reach Out to Hout Bay Children

The ability to learn is a crucial life skill that many people take for granted as it is such a natural part of daily life. Unfortunately more than 20% of South Africans are faced with learning disabilities.

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