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Audiblox — Review in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

If you have a child or work with a child with a learning disability, then you know the challenges they face every day. Learning does not always come naturally to them, and they can fall behind in school... This review of an Edublox home programme appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in the USA in February 2012.

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Conquering the Learning Block

Jayesh never showed any interest in reading, his concentration levels were low and he detested writing. His intelligence quotient, however, was above average. Today, Jayesh no longer avoids reading. His conversation skills have improved and he has become attentive. “He has shown tremendous improvement,” says father Sushil.

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Specially for the Young Ones

They say never make a problem work against you, make it work for you. The therapy with Audiblox teaches children that. Audiblox is a unique development programme aimed at the inculcation of basic skills that look at easy yet effective ways to help children overcome their learning disabilities.

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A New Style of Teaching

Vicky Neighbors has had an interest in education ever since she can remember. She even wrote an essay in seventh grade, "Teaching Exceptional Children," about teaching children with special needs. For example, children who are very intelligent, but have trouble reading.

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Book World Opens Around the Block

In 15 years, Karusha Kratz had learnt to read only four words. But after two weeks of a new intensive course, Karusha can now understand 45 words and is beginning to read basic books. Karusha, who has Williams syndrome and attends Inala Special School, says she found it “aggravating” not to be able to read.

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