Hacks to Calm the New School Year Nerves

The first day back at school can be both exciting and nerve-racking for all involved. As a parent, you might be looking forward to the almost never-ending holiday to come to an end, but are concerned about what challenges might wait around the corner.

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Parents’ Presence When TV Viewing with Child Affects Learning Ability

Parenting today, for many, has become nothing more than sitting a child in front of a television or handing them a device that plays their favourite video. But it's much more than that. Studies show that kids become more interested in activities when their parents are involved.

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Preventing the Three D’s: Preparing Your Child for the Three R’s

When children are unable to master the three R's, they become prone to the three D's — dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. What can parents do to prepare their children for the three R's and prevent the three D's?

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Susan on School Stuff: My Grade 7 Son Has No Interest in School

‘Susan on School Stuff’ is a column sponsored by Edublox on All4women.co.za, providing advice on learning to parents. In this column Susan shares advice with a mom who is concerned about her Grade 7 son having absolutely no interest in school...

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