Women’s Right to Success in Business: A Business Owner Case Study

Lizani Muller is a wife, mother, and a proud business owner. While teaching, she realized that many students couldn’t cope with academic pressure. Children who struggled got left behind with nothing in the curriculum to assist them. “There’s really not enough time or resources for a teacher to spend one-on-one time with children who struggle,” explains Lizani.

In an effort to help the children who get left behind, Lizani got permission from the school and started to present extra lessons. “I started this one-man business, on my own, helping kids with remedial techniques. But I felt that I needed a more structured program. I turned to Google for help.” That is when Lizani came across Edublox or, at that time, Audiblox. She was immediately captured by the potential for growth using the cognitive development techniques the program offered to her students and started to do her training.

Lizani went on to offer Audiblox for over four years with wonderful successes but felt there was room for growth. “What I realized while doing the Audiblox program is that I really wanted to expand the business but didn’t have any support or know-how. That all changed when the Edublox business model altered, and I was invited to open my own franchise. When I bought the franchise, all the support came with the package. Everything started falling into place.”

Since opening Edublox Polokwane in 2012, Lizani has had many successes but feels that her greatest achievement is helping learners. In one case, an educational specialist said a child had to go to a special needs school and that there was no chance he could attend mainstream school. Three years with Lizani, and he was able to do just that.

“I don’t even know how many kids have been through our Edublox clinic. Somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 students. One of my biggest achievements is helping my community.”

Today Lizani is not just a franchise owner but a mentor for her colleagues. She plays an integral role in training franchisees and acts as an action learning coach during peer group discussions. As her franchise grew, her husband Johan became involved. Together they took the business to the next level. Today, Johan not only helps run the Polokwane franchise but acts as the Operations Manager for the entire Edublox (Pty) Ltd.

Lizani has turned her business into a success, but she still sees a lot of possible growth in the near future. “I am hoping the EASY programme Polokwane offers will become a registered school soon. That would mean we could double the number of children we help.”

“Being a business owner is definitely out of my comfort zone, but it has taught me a lot. I’ve learned that I can step from my comfort zone and be a good leader. It’s been ten years now. I can’t believe it, but it is great to be part of the Edublox family and I can’t wait to see what the next ten years hold.”

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