Reading Difficulties



About Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia

“Your child is dyslexic.” A parent’s worst nightmare may be to hear these words. A severe reading problem may be described as dyslexia, however what’s more important is knowing how these problems can be solved and that there is hope.

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Letter Reversals: Should I Worry or Not?

Letter reversals experienced by young children are often said to be “totally normal” until after age seven, and their parents are told “don’t worry” unless they continue past grade two. This appears to be accepted as fact, but it does raise questions...

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Poor Readers Face Learning Difficulties

The PIRLS 2006 study compared the reading abilities of children in 40 countries. South Africa came last, after Morocco. Only 13% of our Grade 4 learners reached the lowest benchmark compared to 94% of learners internationally; only 1% achieved the advanced benchmark, compared to 7% internationally.

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Boys More Likely to Have Problems Reading

Boys were two to three times more likely than girls to be affected by reading disabilities, according to a Mayo Clinic study of 5,718 children in Rochester, Minnesota.

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A Grand Entrance for Troy

By the third term of 2011, Troy took to reading the Bible before bed every night, and he comfortably reads out every signboard he sees along the roadside. Troy has moved from the position of needing to repeat a grade, to achieving high results for all reading related topics, as well as spelling and phonics activities.

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Building on Reading

When two Cape Town mothers, Kashiefa Gallie and Rebecca Felix, learned that their children had reading difficulties, they went into panic mode. Although they came from different parts of the city, Lansdowne and Crawford respectively, they knew that reading was a critical skill for children to master at the foundation phase.

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New Hope for Slow Readers

Despite having adequate intelligence and opportunity, many children show great disparity between their verbal skills and learning ability. These children, often regarded as 'learning disabled', are now being offered new hope...

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Book World Opens Around the Block

In 15 years, Karusha Kratz had learnt to read only four words. But after two weeks of a new intensive course, Karusha can now understand 45 words and is beginning to read basic books. Karusha, who has Williams syndrome and attends Inala Special School, says she found it “aggravating” not to be able to read.

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Kit Helps Children to Learn

When a teacher identified a reading inability in one of Jo Cohn's children, Jo had his psychometric skills tested, bought an Audiblox kit and kindly agreed to share what she has learnt with La Femme readers in the hope that those with similar problems will benefit.

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Hope for Slow Readers

When last year teachers told Gail Lawson of Northdene that her daughter Jennifer's reading was "quite slow" for Class Two she didn't think much of it. But a few months later when she volunteered to become a "reading mother" at the school after being retrenched, she realised Jenny did have a real problem.

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