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Reading Comprehension Difficulties and How to Help Kids Who Struggle

Reading comprehension refers to a reader’s ability to successfully interpret a text. Reading comprehension means making sense of what readers read and connecting the ideas in the text to what they already know.

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How We Create Learning @ Edublox

Edublox is an educational method that integrates cognitive training with reading, writing, or math tutoring and solid learning principles. Edublox assists students in becoming life-long learners and empowers them to realise their highest educational goals. While Edublox is not a quick fix, its use can permanently alleviate the symptoms of learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia. Here is how we create learning.

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14 Facts About Dyslexia

The term dyslexia describes a severe reading difficulty. While a lot of uncertainty continues to surround dyslexia, here are fourteen facts.

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Visual Memory: 3 Important Reasons Why It Matters

Visual memory involves storing and retrieving previously experienced visual sensations and perceptions when the stimuli that originally evoked them are no longer present. Various researchers have stated that as much as eighty percent of all learning takes place through the eye, with visual memory existing as a crucial aspect of learning.

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Leer Afrikaans: Intensiewe Vorme

Intensiewe vorme is byvoeglike naamwoorde in die versterkende graad en word dus gebruik om 'n byvoeglike naamwoord te versterk. 'n Voorbeeld hiervan is brandarm, wat baie arm beteken.

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Sewe Tipes Geheue Is Onontbeerlik in die Leesproses

Die mens se vermoë om te kan onthou, of uit die geheue te herroep, maak leer moontlik. Alhoewel die woord ‘geheue’ ’n “alles-of-niks”-proses veronderstel, is dit duidelik dat daar verskillende tipes geheue is, elk tot ’n mate onafhanklik van die ander. Sewe tipes geheue speel 'n onontbeerlike rol in die leesproses.

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Edublox Explained in a Nutshell

Learning is like building a house. The first step is to lay a foundation. Unless there is a strong and solid foundation, cracks will soon appear in the walls, and with no foundation, the walls will collapse. In the same way one needs to lay a proper foundation before it becomes possible for a child to benefit from a course in reading, writing and arithmetic...

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Leer Afrikaans: Dieregeluide

Dieregeluide is werkwoorde wat gebruik word om die geluide wat diere maak te beskryf, soos die die kwetter van voëls of die brul van 'n leeu. Die woorde is dikwels klanknabootsing van die klank wat die dier maak, maar nie altyd nie.

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Leer Afrikaans: Versamelname

'n Versamelnaam of versamelwoord is ’n selfstandige naamwoord wat ’n versameling dinge van dieselfde soort aandui. Hoewel versamelname na 'n versameling of groepering verwys, is hulle almal enkelvoude.

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What Is Dysphonetic Dyslexia?

Children whose reading difficulties relate to auditory-processing weaknesses have been called auditory dyslexics or dysphonetic dyslexics. They tend to have good visual processing skills, but have difficulty remembering letter sounds, analysing the individual sounds in words, and blending sounds into words.

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