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Retraining Brains to Deal with Learning Disabilities

IMAGINE going through school unable to read, spell or write properly. You know you are not “stupid” but you just can’t seem to get the work into your head. You could be one of thousands of people who struggle with a learning disability in South Africa.

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TV Programme, 3Talk with Noeleen, SABC 3: Dyslexia

The word ‘dyslexia’ means ‘difficulty with words or language’, and is frequently used to refer to a child — or adult — who seems much brighter than what his reading and written work suggest. Edublox participated on Three Talk’s feature on dyslexia. View selected footage.

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Radio Interview: What Is Dyslexia?

Although there is no universally recognized definition of dyslexia, the one presented by the World Federation of Neurology has won broad respect: "A disorder manifested by difficulty in learning to read despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence and sociocultural opportunity."

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How to Get Your Letters In Line: Researcher Devises Programme for Dyslexics

A learning method, that has been developed by a South African educationist over the past thirty years, is nowadays helping children all over the world to escape from the debilitating grip of dyslexia.

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There Are Ways to Beat Dyslexia

Reading and learning work hand in hard and are the two things that determine a child’s school career. Poor reading skills result in poor learning skills. This has become a reality for an alarming number of children.

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TV Documentary, Carte Blanche: Dyslexia and ADHD

Despite having an average intellectual ability and after many years of therapy, Michal was still completely illiterate at the age of 13. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and severe dyslexia. But then Michal attended a 10-day course. View his remarkable progress...

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Dyslexia: Beating the Back-to-Front Battle

Reversing words, writing letters back to front, not being able to remember the sequence of letters in a word or sometimes reading from right to left — dyslexia is a frustrating and often embarrassing problem in our world of high-tech communications. But in the midst of differing theories of what it is, what causes it and how to overcome it, one man has a different opinion.

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Dyslexia: New Treatment, New Hope

Why many intelligent children should suffer seeming 'word blindness' has baffled and frustrated parents and professionals in many fields throughout this century. Is there, at last, some light at the end of the tunnel? HILARY BASSETT investigates.

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Hope for Slow Readers

When last year teachers told Gail Lawson of Northdene that her daughter Jennifer's reading was "quite slow" for Class Two she didn't think much of it. But a few months later when she volunteered to become a "reading mother" at the school after being retrenched, she realised Jenny did have a real problem.

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Coming to Grips with Problems of Dyslexia

The problems of dyslexic people are little known and even less understood ― even by sufferers themselves. According to some educationalists, there is no such thing as dyslexia, but for many children and adults who despair of ever being able to read or write, the issue is very real indeed.

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