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Webinar: Beyond the Label Series

The Beyond the Label Webinar Series aims to clarify the shared understanding of the term dyslexia by researchers and the broader professional community. We move beyond the label to look at the types of difficulties experienced by learners with dyslexia, identify the skills that underlie these difficulties, and how these skills can be developed to reduce (and in many cases turn around) learning challenges so that learners can succeed academically.

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Webinaar: Hoe om Woordeskat te Verbeter

Opvoedkundige Praktisyn, Marina Wilters, verduidelik wat woordeskat behels en hoekom dit so belangrik is om dit te ontwikkel. Sy deel ook praktiese wenke oor hoe om kinders se woordeskat te verbeter. Marina het ‘n BA Hons-graad in Opvoedkundige Sielkunde en is opgelei in Geïntegreerde Leerterapie.

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Juggling Being a Mom, Wife and Successful Entrepreneur: A Business Owner Case Study

Today few business owners can say they have achieved the goals they set for themselves pre-pandemic, but for Anouska, there is light at the end of the tunnel. She has not lost focus or inspiration, but her persistence in running a successful business has only grown.

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The Rise of the Cognitive Development Wave

In recent years there has been a long-overdue shift in focus when it comes to assisting a child academically. The cognitive development wave has been sweeping the educational sector, with more and more people understanding the value of laying that all-important foundation.

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Webinar: The Effects of Reading Problems on a Child’s Emotions

This webinar focuses on the effects reading problems can have on a child's emotions. It was presented by Lizani Muller, Educational Practitioner from Edublox Polokwane.

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It Can Be a Long Path to the Dream: A Business Owner Case Study

Jonelle's business may only have opened its doors a year ago, but the success of her efforts is evident. Not only did she stay afloat during such a turbulent economic time, but she reached her maximum capacity of learners in less than a year.

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Women’s Right to Success in Business: A Business Owner Case Study

Today Lizani is not just a franchise owner but a mentor for her colleagues. She plays an integral role in training franchisees and acts as an action learning coach during peer group discussions. As her franchise grew, her husband Johan became involved. Together they took the business to the next level.

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Rights vs. Responsibilities in Education

One thing to note, as with all aspects of life, with rights come responsibilities. South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, with the Right to Education playing an essential role. While our constitution may be widely recognised and admired, few people know that the Department of Education has also introduced a “Bill of Responsibilities.”

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Right to Acceptance – The Fuss Around Neurodiversity

What is neurodiversity really, and what effect does it have on our view of learning disabilities like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD?

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How to Further Nurture the Love for Reading in Your Child

Reading is arguably one of the most important life skills we learn in our first years at school. It is a wonderful workout for your brain that improves memory function and concentration. Yet, for some, even once the first few hurdles have been conquered, reading remains a source of stress and anxiety. We want to empower you with a few tools that might turn your child's reading narrative into a positive one.

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