‘n Ereplek in Ons Skool

Audiblox word deur die onderwysers en ouers as ‘n groot bate beskou. Dit het beslis ‘n ereplek in ons skool, omdat ons kan sien wat dit vir kinders beteken – kinders met leerprobleme en presteerders.

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Reading and Writing Have Improved a Lot

My son's reading and writing have improved a lot. What normal OT did not achieve in 3 years the Audiblox achieved in 6 months. Through the Audiblox program I also met 2 other mothers and I could see the improvement in their sons.

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A Remarkable Improvement

Our first noticeable success was a pupil who came to our school with a poor academic record whose prognosis was poor. The child was able to concentrate for extremely short periods of time only. In addition, he could not retain information for any period of time. After three months of intensive Audiblox training, a remarkable improvement was noted by all of his teachers.

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Wholeheartedly Recommended

I have seen how it has improved the children's ability to concentrate. Their auditory and visual perceptual skills have definitely improved and their recall of input is noticeably more accurate. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Audiblox program. Children can only benefit from the perceptual training it offers.

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Article, Australia: Program Improves Reading

Karusha's mother Liz Kratz said Karusha's improvement was "absolutely incredible." "We had started with reading programs since she was three and nothing seemed to work," she said. "Up until now she couldn't read ladies and gents on toilet doors so I couldn't let her go anywhere independently."

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‘n Sprekende Voorbeeld Van Wat Bereik Kan Word

Ons het reeds ‘n verskil van 10% of meer per vak op haar rapport na drie maande gesien en wag nou vir haar rapport van verlede kwartaal. Ons is so tevrede met haar verbetering in haar skoolwerk, haar taalgebruik en haar selfvertroue wat soveel verbeter het, dat sy nou getoets gaan word by haar skool en teruggeplaas gaan word in die hoofstroom-onderwys.

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Case Study: Miraculous Improvement in Reading Efficiency

After the two weeks intensive course Yolandi returned to school, while her father continued to do Audiblox with her in the afternoons. Considering the short time that had been available for intervention, Yolandi's examination results came as a great relief to everybody concerned. Compared to her previous marks, her average improved by 11%, making her eligible for 5th Grade.

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Case Study: Creating a Basis for Lifelong Learning

By the end of that school year, Riaan's school report reflected a complete change. He was now judged as "very good" in all the categories. Nothing succeeds like success, and now Riaan was even more determined to achieve. Ever since, Riaan has been the top achiever in his grade with an average ranging between 86 percent and 90 percent.

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Case Study: Improvement in Concentration and Processing Speed

"Elrika's concentration and processing speed have improved noticeably," Mrs. Steyn reported, "and her improved learning skills have already shown in her school report. Elrika is now more independent, responsible, disciplined, and willing to take up challenges."

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Audiblox (A Poem)

"I can read, I can read" I screamed out loud — I'm ecstatic with excitement I'm on top of the clouds — Mom nods and says "you see I knew you would" — even though sometimes she wasn't sure I could...

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